Five Things To Watch: Miami Dolphins vs. Cleveland Browns

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Welcome to another Miami Dolphins season, kicking off this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. Gone is the old logo and uniforms. Gone are many of last seasons players. Enter a lot of expectations for a franchise that has routinely disappointed it's fans over the past decade, or four. Sunday is a fresh start for a team many are pegging as a team on the come, as well as fans first chance to play with many of the new toys acquired this off-season.

The Dolphins first opponent is a team with similar aspirations, as well as it's own handful of new and or young players to get excited about. There will be a lot to take in and get acquainted to when the Dolphins kick off at 1 p.m. Sunday, let's take a look at a few things you should be keeping your eye on.

It's your first chance to checkout all the new Dolphins, and there are A LOT OF THEM

What do you as a GM of an NFL team do if all the players you hand picked to not suck indeed suck? You shake the shit out of that Etch-a-Sketch and start over, that's what you do. New wide receivers, new linebackers, new right tackle, new fullbacks, new cornerbacks, hell even a new kicker -- Sunday is our first extended look at Jeff Ireland's latest and greatest attempt at building an NFL team that people give a shit about after Halloween. Even some of the positions with holdovers starting aren't the same starters as last season, with Lamar Miller starting at runningback, Charles Clay starting at tight end, Jonathan Martin at left tackle, and Olivier Vernon starting at wherever it is he starts at. All of this would be totally normal if the Miami Dolphins were a College program, but this sort of change is pretty rare.

It's Miller time. I made up that slogan up just now.

Reggie Bush totaled nearly 1,300 all-purpose yards and eight touchdowns last season, and was lauded for his hard work and leadership. So when it came time to resign Bush the Miami Dolphins did exactly what you would expect them to do, they didn't even call him, and let him walk. Wait, what?! Enters Lamar Miller, pretty much handed the job as lead back in his sophomore season. He showed flashes in his rookie campaign, but totaled just 50 carries, so like "chick in a moving car on I-95 putting them on the glass" type flashes. Reggie Bush is likely to have a very nice season with the Detroit Lions, so Sunday we get our first real glimpse of the guy we let him go for.

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