Florida College Football Rankings: FIU and FAU May Not Actually Be the Worst Florida Teams This Year

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Lots of people try and rank college football teams, but that ignores the fact that only teams from one state actually matter. Because clearly things need to be ranked in list format, Riptide is here to rank Florida's seven FBS teams. Join us this week as we witness the debut of a possible QB superstar and USF's sudden and sad demotion from their imagined "Big Four" to Florida's "bottom three."

1. Florida State Seminoles
1-0, 41-13 win against Pitt
"Oh shit, he's actually really good," said fans of every other team on this list while watching last night's FSU-Pitt game, which quickly turned into an ESPN-produced debutante ball for redshirt freshman QB Jameis Winston.

Winton completed 25 of 27, produced four TD passes and ran one into the end zone himself for good measure. This is the kind of classic Florida college QB talent that one day really could have a shot of at least getting cut from the Patriots.

Sure, it was just sad, modern-day Pitt, but every non-Noles fan in the state had to struggle with the fact that FSU might actually really be "back." They also all suddenly became really big Clemson fans.

2. Florida Gators
1-0, 24-6 win against Toledo
Unconfirmed reports out of Gainesville suggest that a still unidentified 26-year-old wearing a blonde afro wig, a mustache that was clearly just a piece of felt attached to his face with a piece of scotch tape, and carrying poorly forged identification that just read "Jim Jebow, NCAA eligible freshman," attempted to break into the Gator's locker room just before kickoff. Witness claim the man attempted to convince head coach Will Muschamp that he'd make an excellent last-minute, walk-on addition to the team. He was dragged away screaming, "But I won a playoff game!" Despite this disturbing scene, the Gators still managed to shake it off and pulled a convincing win against Toledo.

3. Miami Hurricanes
1-0, 34-6 win against FAU
Sure, the Hurricanes homer in me really wanted to latch on to the fact that the Hurricanes beat their mid-major opponent by a bigger margin than the Gators beat their mid-major opponent, but I'm really not trying to jinx anything before Saturday. Though, the NCAA will probably take care of that anyway.

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