AHF, Group That Mandated Condoms in Porn in LA, Turns Its Eyes to Florida's Porn Industry

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The group that successfully pushed for an ordinance in Los Angeles that required all adult productions to use condoms on set has now set its eyes on Florida's less regulated porn industry. If they're successful, they may have to start packing condoms on the Bang Bus.

According to the Associated Press, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation filed a sanitary nuisance with the state health department last month after it discovered films made in Florida without condoms. The complaint calls for an investigation, though state officials have not yet commented.

AHF successfully lead an effort to get voters to pass a regulation that mandated porn actors use condoms while filming. Some worried, however, that they could just mean that adult studios could end up relocating to production to places like Florida. (So far, many of them have just moved production to elsewhere in Southern California, outside of Los Angeles County limits.)

This could be AHF's first step in pursuing similar laws in Florida. Though never as large as LA's, Miami and Fort Lauderdale have been the site for porn shoots for years.

The news comes as an industry-wide moratorium on production had been lifted. Production stopped after it was discovered that a performer, Cameron Bay, had tested positive for HIV. Her boyfriend Rod Daily, a performer in both straight and gay porn, has also since revealed his positive status.

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drakemallard topcommenter

Unprotected Sex can lead to nasty things like herpes, gonorrhea, aids/hiv and something called child. A person can be negative for HIV antibody and still have the virus.

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