Hurricanes-Gators Rivalry: The Seven Ugliest Moments

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Until the Gators decided to stick their big scaly tail between their stumpy little legs, the Miami Hurricanes-Florida Gators rivalry was a big deal. Indeed it was the oldest rivalry in the state, and perhaps at times even more heated then the FSU-UM rivalry.

As one UM alum once put it, "I always wanted to beat Florida State, but I wanted to kick the Gators' ass."

Join us now as relive some of the ugliest moments from the storied rivalry that's set for its latest chapter tomorrow.

1971 - The Florida Flop
To this day the "Florida Flop" is still regarded as one of the cheapest stunts in college football history. The Gators, playing their last game of the season, intended to ensure that senior Quarterback John Reaves would break the all-time NCAA passing record, but an interception late in the game left Reaves just 15 yards short of the record. The Gators were comfortably ahead, so, once the 'Canes had possession, the entire d-line flopped to the ground and the 'Canes soared to an easy touchdown ("unmolested" as the announcer in the video above puts it). The Gators got the ball back. Reaves got his record. And then the entire team jumped into the pond at the end of the Orange Bowl, which was at the time home to actual dolphin mascot of the Miami Dolphins. Afterward Hurricanes coach Fran Cruci refused to shake the hand of the aptly named Doug Dickey and claimed he'd "live to regret the day he pulled such a bush league stunt." As fate would have it, Dickey's Gators would beat the Hurricanes throughout the rest of his tenure, but he did end up being fired the week before the two teams met in 1978, which was a Hurricanes win.

1980 - Schnellenberger is mad as hell at these oranges and he's not going to take it anymore
This is perhaps the earliest example of the "f*** you" attitude Hurricanes head coach Howard Schnellenberger would instill in the program. The 1980 matchup was a Hurricanes route of the Gators in The Swamp, and Florida fans were so upset they began pelting Hurricanes players with oranges. Despite a comfortable lead, Schnellenberger decided to call a last minute field goal in response just to rub the eventual 31-7 victory.

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Miami beat UF 38-33 in 2003, not 33-31

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