Hurricanes-Gators Rivalry: The Seven Ugliest Moments

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1987 - Gators Cancel the Rivalry
Despite the fact it was Florida's oldest college football rivalry and had been played every year since 1937 save for one during World Ward II, the Florida Gators decided they could no longer keep the Hurricanes on the schedule. Mind you, this was right in the middle of the Hurricanes' decade of dominance. The Gators cited an expanding SEC schedule and financial reasons, but Hurricanes fans will always claims the team was more chicken than gator.

2000 - The Bourbon Street "Brawl"
After 13 years of not playing each other, the Hurricanes and Gators were to finally meet again in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Apparently there was some bubbling frustration. The first night both teams were in town they ran into each other on Bourbon Street and some trash talking a bit of scuffle followed. Estimates of the number of players involved ranged from 10 to 40, and two Gators players were handcuffed but later released. No disciplinary action was taken by either team. The Hurricanes went on to win the actual game 37-20.

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Miami beat UF 38-33 in 2003, not 33-31

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