Twelve Moments That Prove Marlins Rookie Sensation Jose Fernandez Is the Baseball Jesus

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In what hasn't exactly been the most enjoyable season for Miami Marlins fans, every fifth day has been a reward for the four prior. Jose Fernandez's story has been well documented, and beyond his dominance on the mound, his genuine upbeat personality and demeanor on the baseball field have been a breath of fresh air for Marlins fans grasping for anything positive to take away from what has otherwise been a miserable season.

For a guy who was originally slated to start the year in the minors, Fernandez has certainly proven himself as major-league caliber in his first year. In fact, the rookie has dominated to a point that he might just be the Baseball Jesus. We are not entirely sure he's human. You'll have your own doubts after reliving the most dominant, most memorable, and downright filthiest moments of his 2013 rookie season.

The debut

And afterward.....

That time Stanton hit a home run and Fernandez celebrated like he got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas

That time Tulowitzki was all like "Waaaaaa!?" and Fernandez was like "Yup!"

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Brad Beaty
Brad Beaty

Imagine all the minor league "talent" they're going to get when they trade him!

Meli Misley
Meli Misley

Don't worry, he'll be traded my the end of the season or by next season... It happens to ALL of the Marlins players (especially when they are good -- or even semi-decent).... Don't get your hopes up on him staying.

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