Man Biking Across America for Charity Hit by Truck in Florida on His Way to Marlins Park

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Jacob Landis had a bike, a passion, and a cause. Since April, the 24-year-old Annapolis, Maryland resident has been biking across America to attend games at every single MLB park with the hope of raising $1 million to help children who need cochlear implants.

This past Saturday, he was on the final leg of his ride from Tropicana Field to Marlins Park when he was clipped by a tractor-trailer and left with a concussion. The driver of the semi didn't bother to stop, and Landis was taken to the hospital.

Landis, who as a 10-year-old received a cochlear implant to improve his deteriorating hearing, had covered more than 10,000 miles on his benefit ride. His trek began April 3 in Annapolis for a Nationals game, and he'd crisscrossed the nation, hitting up every single stadium in MLB -- except Marlins Park.

According to KSDK, Landis was hit by the nose mirror of a blue Freightliner truck Saturday night in Polk County, just four miles from the hotel he was scheduled to stay in that night. He was left with a severe concussion, broken nose, a small fracture to each cheekbone, a chipped front tooth, bruises and cuts to his face, and his left arm in a sling.

"I don't remember anything that happened until I woke up at the hospital," Landis wrote on his website. "I just want to thank everyone for their kind words through my Facebook account and special thanks to all of my supporters who made this ride possible."

The driver didn't stop, and Polk County deputies are still trying to track down the offender.

Landis has been ordered not to bike for two more weeks, but he still plans on attending Tuesday's Marlins game against the Philadelphia Phillies. A finale party is set to be hosted at Whole Foods in North Miami earlier in the day.

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Florida is notorious for no bike lanes or paths.  Here in Colorado we have them everywhere.


Jacob, that's awful!  I'm really glad you're o.k!  I don't know what it's like in Maryland, but unfortunately, hit and runs occur DAILY in Florida because there is no meaningful legislation holding drivers accountable for this type of crime.  For instance, last year a driver who was most likely driving impaired, hit and killed a friend of mine.  That driver kept driving, hid his car, and turned himself in later the next day. Any proof of DUI had been metabolized by then.  Although he admitted to having hit and killed a 36-year old man with a wife and two young children, that driver only served 364 days in jail.  For those of you who want to stop hit and runs in Florida, please visit our website and sign our petition at,  Good luck Jacob and enjoy the Marlins game!

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