Miami City Attorney Julie Bru Proposes to Cop Girlfriend at Commission Meeting

Miami is not only losing its City Attorney, but a police officer.

Today, during her last city commission meeting Miami City Attorney Julie Bru spoke up at the dias to ask Miami Police Officer Suzy Izaguirre to marry her. Because gay marriage is not legal in Florida, the couple plans to move to New York to marry and live.

"Even though we can't do it in the state of Florida, we're going to move to New York to live together as wife and wife," Bru said according to the Herald.

Just before the proposal Commission Chair Marc Sarnoff declared today Julie Bru day.

Usually you expect couples from New York to move and retire in Florida, but until our state's laws change that's a precarious proposition for many same sex couples.

Bru has been the city attorney since 2008. Victoria Méndez will take over the role starting next week.

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Good for them. Sucks that we have to lose people to other states because our own is so ignorant.


Odd place to propose.   I wouldn't want to propose at work nor would I be comfortable with someone else doing it.


Miami City Attorney Julie Bru Proposes 2 Cop Girlfriend at Meeting as #MuffDivers GIVE UP JOBS 4 LUST ???

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