Here's the Miami Dolphins' Mascot and Cheerleaders Doing a "Blurred Lines" Parody

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If after an entire summer of being subjected to the song non-stop and you're still not sick of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," then, boy, do the Miami Dolphins have a treat for you! TD the Dolphin teamed with two Dolphins cheerleaders to put their own rendition of the infamous video -- which is especially exciting for those of us who like to see women in bikinis flirting with anthropomorphic sea mammals.

It all starts with TD doing some light reading when he's called in for an impromptu video shoot.

He then arrives in an ill-fitting suit to find two cheerleaders bouncing around for his pleasure. Apparently they couldn't round up a third, like the actual video.

Oh yeah, baby, tickle that toothed beak.

But then: SPOILER ALERT!!!

It was all a wet dream! (Side note: Are all dolphin dreams considered wet dreams?) And our severely sexually frustrated mascot throws a fit and walks off probably to go watch some X-rated Discovery Channel bonus footage.

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Zard Oz
Zard Oz

wow, bambarbia ketgunu!

Milton F. Roiz
Milton F. Roiz

I'm sick of the Dolphins. Can't believe ESPN magazine picked them to win the AFC East.

Sean Chambers
Sean Chambers

Our team definitely needs a new direction in marketing and gimmicks.

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