Miami Marlins Hit 100 Losses for Only Second Time in Franchise History

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When Jeffrey Loria was seeking public funds to build Marlins Park, it came with the promise the Marlins would get better. Well, the team is only its second season at the shiny new park and they've hit a milestone the team has only hit once before in its 21-year history: 100 loses in a season.

Last night Marlins fell 2-1 to the Philadelphia Phillies to hit the milestone. Though, somewhat thankfully the team only has four games left. So they won't be able to match or surpass their all-time loss record of 108 losses in a season.

That record was set in 1998. Just a year after the Marlins won the World Series and the team completed one of the biggest fire sales in MLB history.

Last year the team finished with a slightly more respectable 69-93 record. So far both seasons in their new park have been worse than the 72-90 record the team achieved in their last year at Sun Life Stadium.

The Associated Press also points out that last night was the 44th time the Marlins have scored less than two runs the season. The team has lost all but two of those games.

Manager Mark Redmond, in his first year, was also a player for the Marlins the last time the team hit the 10- loss mark.

"I wasn't sure what to expect coming in as far as the players and how many games we would lose, whatever," Redmond told the AP. "Obviously, nobody wants to be a part of that. I guess if there was anybody who was prepared for this season out here, it was me -- since I've been through it."

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James G. Camp
James G. Camp

Boo hoo, Phillies & Braves both have lost 10,000 + games.

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

And after the last time they lost 100 games, they won another championship. Last year they lost 7 less games. The year before they lost 10 less games. This year they had a fraction of the salaries of the last two years. I call that smart.


Loria you are a joke , your franchise is one of the worst Sports franchises , and you will be true to your dictatorship as soon as you start firing your front office and trade away anyone you can get a penny for .

Danny Cespedes
Danny Cespedes

It's hilarious, but sad if you live in Dade since you're financing that eyesore of a stadium.

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

The Yankees didn't make the playoffs either.


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