Miami Porn Star John Snavely Kept Making Movies After Allegedly Stabbing a Man to Death

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John Snavely, left, as Ronnie in Jersey Score.
On August 8, the Broward Sheriff's Office announced that a lucky break had led them to solve a grisly three-year-old murder. DNA taken in a South Beach drug bust had connected a muscular, 26-year-old man named John Snavely to the 2010 slaying of businessman Samuel Del Brocco.

The case's closing made minor ripples in South Florida and a wave or two in Del Brocco's native Washington, D.C. "Dancer Arrested in Alexandria Man's Stabbing," wrote the Washington Post.

But the headlines hardly hinted at the real story. Snavely was more than an exotic dancer. Nine and a half inches more, to be exact. Even the Post's polite footnote that Snavely was "a pornographic film performer" didn't quite capture the full monty.

In fact, Snavely was a well-endowed staple of South Florida's booming adult film industry. Known as Joshua Logan, or "Champ" for his hewn physique and hefty male member, Snavely starred in scores of pornos -- both straight and gay -- filmed in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In one of his best-known performances, he impersonated MTV meathead Ronnie Ortiz-Magro in the skin flick Jersey Score.

Many of Snavely's starring roles appear to have come after September 11, 2010. That is when BSO believes the porn star met Del Brocco at Johnny's, a gay strip club on Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. The two went back to the wealthy businessman's Pompano Beach pad, where Snavely allegedly attacked Del Brocco with a knife.

"We believe there was some kind of encounter between the two of them that ultimately led to him being stabbed to death," BSO Det. John Curcio told CBS. "We believe it possibly is over money."

Investigators collected DNA from three floors of the cavernous beach-front condo, but the evidence led nowhere.

Meanwhile, it appears Snavely didn't let a little murder get in the way of his career. In the three years between the crime and his arrest, Snavely's penis featured prominently in classics such as Pizza Boy Gangbang, Tug Jobs 22, Tag-Teaming Grannies, and the self-explanatory Redheaded Beauty Tugs the Champ.

But Snavely slipped up. A June 22, 2013 arrest in South Beach for drugs led cops to collect his DNA. Eventually, authorities matched it to samples taken at the scene of Del Brocco's murder three years earlier. Snavely now faces charges of second-degree murder.

It all goes to show: You can't keep a bad man down, but even the hardest of men eventually let their guard drop.

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A person can be negative for HIV antibody and still have the virus.

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

maybe he can do a porn in jail for the rest of his life

Anthony Latour
Anthony Latour

I feel like I just burned 10,000 brain cells watching that trailer.

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Rose Lehmann

That trailer is one of the worst things I've ever watched.

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