Steve Berke Takes a Serious Turn in Second Miami Beach Mayoral Attempt

George Martinez
Steve Berke has sobered up his second run for Miami Beach mayor.
Two years ago, he serenaded his entrenched opponent, Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower, by having Sexy Sax Man play "Careless Whisper" for her during a city commission meeting. He cut a campaign video enumerating his pledges while slamming shots of booze and declared himself de facto leader of an emerging political group, "The After Party." His tongue-in-cheek tactics helped native son Steve Berke amass widespread national media attention and pick up 23 percent of the vote in the 2011 Miami Beach mayoral election.

Not bad for a first-time candidate. Now Berke is back, a little more sober and a lot wiser as he seeks the highest office in Miami Beach against another entrenched city politician and a local real estate and media company mogul who is largely self-funding his campaign.

However, Berke still has some of the edginess that made him a star in 2011 -- such as backing the decriminalization of marijuana and staffing his campaign with beautiful models.

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Yesterday, during a glitzy new conference at Haven Lounge in South Beach, Berke unveiled an ambitious platform he's calling "2020 Vision."

"You see, leadership is not about identifying problems; it's about finding solutions," Berke told the throng of reporters and supporters. "It isn't about sitting around in meetings and talking endlessly about the issues; it's about standing up, walking to the front, and saying, 'I have a plan -- follow me.'"

Teddy Roosevelt would be proud.

Berke is promising Miami Beach voters he will focus on fixing the city's budget, the chronic flooding that plagues residents, the battered image of the police department, and Miami Beach's biggest scourges: the lack of parking and towing of vehicles.

Steve Berke campaign
Skylink would transport residents and visitors from South Beach to downtown Miami.
He is promising to create an independent police watchdog group like Miami's Citizen Investigative Panel, to monitor Miami Beach cops, and to test officers for use of performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids and human growth hormone.

"In the last two years, our police department has developed one of the worst reputations in the country," Berke said. "Incident after incident, scandal after scandal -- it has to stop. It must stop."

Showing he's become a true politician, Berke even revealed a big pie-in-the-sky idea to alleviate Miami Beach's dreadful parking situation. He unleashed renderings of two public transportation systems that would put Miami-Dade County's unfulfilled Metrorail expansion to shame.

The first one, Skylink, would connect South Beach to the mainland via a $500 million cable-car system. Skylink would run along Dodge Island, where the Port of Miami is located, and terminate at South Pointe Park, where riders could then hop on DecoTram, a light-rail train that would follow a route similar to that of the South Beach local bus.

Steve Berke campaign
DecoTram would replace the city's South Beach local bus.
"Skylink will be the world's longest urban cable-car system, offering spectacular views of the Miami skyline," Berke boasted. "What's more, it will be an iconic tourist bucket-list item -- up there with the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye."

Give Berke credit for presenting a grand vision, but his platform was short on details, such as how taxpayers would foot the bill for the two ambitious public transit systems. Nevertheless, the Miami Beach native has offered the boldest plans for the city.

His main opponents, Commissioner Michael Gongora and millionaire Phillip Levine, are pretty much serving up the status quo.

"This is the clear, focused, and bright future I see for Miami Beach," Berke said. "This is my 2020 vision."

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Has this guy ever really had a JOB? Sure he was on a TV show ten years ago and more than that went to pretty good college and was a tennis player... But what has he been doning the past ten years other than telling a few jokes, making an *ss of himself getting kicked off a Comedy Central show, being dumped for someone who is famous somewhere other than his own mind and dropping names like their hot? What you have here is a shamelessly self-promoting trust fund baby who has never really done much of anything. maybe there aren't many choices in Miami Beach but choose someone who has some practical skills. You think the attorneys and CPA's on the commission who actually wake up and go to work in the morning are going to take this guy seriously? 


20/20 Vision is one of my favorite house record labels out of the UK. I already like this guy, though that may have nothing to do with his. What you don't want is some fat cat politician in that office.


Miami Beach officers will always return to work after killing or harming people.  Union contracts, prosecutors and state laws protect them. 

The tram would have to be stored inland outside of a flood zone.  You aren't going to rip up newly paved roads to put in rails. 

 The Skylink would have to considerably taller than the tallest cruise ship (15 or more decks plus exhaust stack).  Also located in front of Apogee condominium.  The wealthy owners would hire your ex-Mayor lobbyist to prevent this.  South Pointe residents will fight against a transportation hub in their neighborhood. 

Miami-Dade offers a great bus service that follows these same routes and doesn't require any investment upgrades. 


@internetinternet"Miami-Dade offers a great bus service that follows these same routes and doesn't require any investment upgrades.  "  You have got to be kidding me.   I used to bus from mid-beach to Doral, it'd take a minimum hour and a half each way.

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