Ten Things the 2013 Miami Marlins Season Taught Us

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnd down the stretch they come! The MLB regular season finish line is near, and you know what that means, Marlins fans: playoffs 100-loss-season watch! Just fewer than 20 games remain between you and a Marlins free Twitter timeline -- that is, until they trade Giancarlo Stanton in December.

In reality, even though the Marlins must play .500 ball over the last three weeks to avoid a 100-loss season, things could have been a heck of a lot worse. For example, there could be more than three weeks left. Cheer up, because not all was lost during the 2013 Miami Marlins season; some valuable lessons were actually taught. Here are ten things the 2013 Miami Marlins season learned ya.

Jose Fernandez is the real, bubba.
Soon after you read this, Jose Fernandez will have been powered off for the 2013 season, and what a season it was. It may have taken other Marlins sucking and getting injured, but in the end, Fernandez started the season with the big club and was an instant success. Arguably the best pitcher in the NL in the second half, Fernandez never really had a down period this season and is the odds-on favorite to win the NL Rookie of the Year award -- not an easy task the same year a guy named Yasiel Puig bursts on the scene.

Players do not respond to Tino Martinez's coaching, possibly because they are unconscious.
Tino Martinez took the title "hitting coach" to the next level, and as a result, he got fired on his day off harder than Craig ever did stealing boxes. Tino politely suggested players help shag balls during batting practice, and by politely, I mean he would choke the ever-loving shit out of you if you declined his advice. Tino Martinez was like the Marlins' Mel Gibson, super not chill, bro.

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This is the biggest Ego in Miami , Loria needs to get out of town with or without His team . I Love baseball and played locally with some ex major leaguers , this organization has done nothing to entice real fans from continued support , Loria has willed his Ego possibly destroying some young players careers in favor of his wishes . This man is an embarrassment to Baseball much more to Miami as a sports city,we are the laughing stock of every other franchise , even the Astros look more competitive , sad but true . I'm sure if MLB were to do it homework I'm sure Many Violations have and are taking place to the detriment of the team .

Palangana topcommenter

lol the gif on page 3 is not as bad as it seems.  Morrison was beat to the plate and is eluding the tag, while Solano is trying to be a decoy to protect Morrison..

Palangana topcommenter

Fernandez is not the odds-on favorite to win ROY.  He deserves it, but he won't win it.

rizzmigizz topcommenter

@Palangana it'll be close, and I agree he deserves it, tough year w/Puig in the running.

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