Two Bales of Marijuana Wash Up in Biscayne National Park

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A Homestead woman was walking her dog earlier today in Biscayne National Park when she came across two square groupers.

"About an hour ago, one of our park visitors walking her dog found two heavy bales of...something green, leafy and water-soaked!" wrote the Biscayne National Park's Facebook page. "On this 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day,' it is interesting to note that some of the 'traditional' uses of the park like smuggling are still happening."

Yep. Those bales turned out to be pot.

"I saw it had green stuff in it and I realized, 'Oh my God, this is weed,'" the woman, 55-year-old Maria Mitchell, told the Miami Herald.

She put the drugs in a bag and alerted park authorities.

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Who is the dumbass that is reporting this shit???  Those dumbasses just gave up alot of money.  Retards

Geoff Paugam
Geoff Paugam

Shay Indigo PeaceLove Anya Prophet Uh did we just miss these or what?

D.f. Basora
D.f. Basora

where the hell am i when shit like this happens? my timing sucks!

Raul Diego
Raul Diego

Don't tell me that homeless guy gave it back again...

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