Aston Martin Thief Caught: Had to Ask Victim How to Start the Car

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If you're planning on stealing an Aston Martin you might want to Google "how to start an Aston Martin" before you barge into the owner's home, tie them up and try to make off with the car.

Zuhdi Musa, 47, and Rosa Maria Musa, 45, were arrested today in connection to such a high-profile Coral Gables burglary and car theft, and it's not a surprise they were caught. Musa was so unprepared to pull off such a complicated heist that he had to ask the owner, after he had tied her up, how to start the car.

The incident went down on September 26 at the Coral Gables mansion where Linda Ruffe was home for the night. Musa came in through the front door with a mask and a handgun and searched the home for Ruffe. Once he found her he tied her up.

Musa then took $4,000 of cash out of her purse and the necklace and earrings she was wearing. That jewelry carried a hefty estimated price tag of $400,000.

Musa then demanded the key to Ruffe's black 2011 Aston Martin Vantage, a car worth around $200,000. He went out to the garage, but then came back a few minutes later to ask Ruffe how to start the car.

To be fair, the procedure to start the car is a bit weird:

Musa figured it out, but then apparently didn't know what to do with the car. He left it in South Miami where it was found the next day.

It's unclear at this time how Maria Musa was involved, but both are charged with armed burglary with assault or battery and first-degree grand theft.

Police also said that Musa had previously known Ruffe's husband and that this was not a random crime.

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James G. Camp
James G. Camp

Be nice to have it preprogrammed to shut off a few blocks away from where it was stolen ? That way the victim isn't in jeopardy any more than the initial theft. They could report it stolen and using radio frequencies the car could be monitored for when it comes to rest at a stop light and then shut down & disabled. Thief would have to abandon the vehicle.

Fernando Buch
Fernando Buch

Wouldnt a car like that have Low-jack anyway? Why not take the jewels run away and get rid of the gun? Why even tie her up? hell why even go there when she was there? Man thank GOD some criminals are stupid.


What's weird about that? 

My Audi does the same thing, so does BMW's and if you opt for Keyless start, there's a button that does it for you.

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