College Bowl Game Not Played in Miami Beach to Be Called Miami Beach Bowl

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The Calle Ocho Bowl didn't work?
We've already told you about plans to bring a college football bowl game to Marlins Park. Well, the plans were officially announced today with one major surprise. The name of the game: the Miami Beach Bowl.

Now for those of you not familiar with local geography, Marlins Park is located in the Little Havana neighborhood of the city of Miami, about 8 miles away from the city of Miami Beach.

The game will pit a team from the American Athletic Conference (and in some years, according to their commissioner, possibly even their champion) against an opponent from the Conference USA, Mid-American or Sun Belt conference, or possibly even an at-large opponent.

The Miami Herald asked senior associate commissioner at American Athletic Conference Nick Carparelli why it would be called the Miami Beach bowl when it's not actually being played in the city of Miami Beach.

"A lot that goes into these bowl games is marketing and branding, trying to identify the game with the area it's located," he replied. "It was important Miami was in the name some way. We considered South Beach Bowl, Miami Bowl."

And of course what is marketing and branding when you get down to other than creative lying and calculated misrepresentation to the public?

"The national branding of the event that would bring the most attention to the area would be the Miami Beach Bowl because I think people who are not from this area think about coming here for vacation think about Miami Beach."

I mean, OK, yeah, they're the Miami Hurricanes and not the Coral Gables Hurricanes, and, OK, the Jets and the Giants play in New Jersey and not New York. And we get that the Sun Bowl isn't actually played on the Sun.

So as long as football fans don't book a hotel in Little Havana thinking they'll be anywhere near a beach, we'll let it slide. Plus, it's only a matter of time until a corporation buys the naming rights and it becomes something like the Haribo Gummy Bears Bowl or the Burger King Whopper Bowl.

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How about the Cuba Libre bowl?  Bacardi could pick up on that

Jeffrey Knight
Jeffrey Knight Orange Bowl game is no longer played in the Orange Bowl, because it was replaced by Marlins Park. It is now based at SunLife Stadium, so close to Broward County that the commissioners and tourist bureau have adopted it.


I for one am looking forward to the Ñoooo! ¡Que Barato! Bowl.

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

Hey, if the Beatles can fly into Miami Beach BOAC, what the heck.

Haychell Pardo
Haychell Pardo

Same goes for the Heat Games - They're not played on the beach either, but they always say South Beach!

Hali Neal
Hali Neal Gotta love the fact that to outsiders, all Miami is is a strip of land called Miami Beach.

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

When was the last time the Orange Bowl was played in the Orange Bowl?

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