Drunk Porn Star Mary Carey Kicked Off Plane in Miami

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Porn star Mary Carey, whose resume also involves a candidacy for Governor of California and a stint on Celebrity Rehab, was reportedly kicked off a plane in Miami today by police after she refused to leave the landed aircraft. According to TMZ, she was drunk at the time.

Carey was on a red-eye flight from California to Miami and was supposed to catch a connecting plane to Key West to be a featured guest at an official "Anything But Clothes" party during the hedonistic Fantasy Fest party week. As it turns out legendary porn hedgehog Ron Jeremy was also on the same flight.

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Carey got wasted during a red-eye flight from Cali to Florida ... and refused to get off the plane when it landed in Miami. We're told cops had to remove her from the plane, and she told them she had mixed booze with meds.

Carey was not arrested, but she also wasn't allowed to catch her connecting flight either. Party promoters sent a car to pick her up. So she will be at the ABC party scheduled for tonight.

Sadly, it's apparently not a good week for blonde porn stars and sobriety.

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AJ Bernal
AJ Bernal

Lmaoooooo porn hedgehog Ron Jeremy. How did no one else think that's funny?

James L Moving Jr.
James L Moving Jr.

havent seen her in forever. i remember i did a school report about her. lmao

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