Facebook Killer: Wife's Messages Explain Fight Just Before Murder

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Derek Medina and Jennifer Alfonso
Facebook continues to shed light on a murder that made headlines when the perpetrator posted photos of his wife's body and a confession on his public profile page.

NBC 6 has obtained messages that Jennifer Alfonso, the wife and victim of Derek Medina, sent to a friend just hours before her death August 8 that show the couple had been fighting.

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From NBC 6:

"I feel like I'm begging for him to hang out with us.. I already no what his excuse is going to be," Alfonso wrote to friend Kelly Barry.

"Its stupid sh-- like this that makes me think crazy sh-- you no.. like it doesn't do anything now but later on it will eat away at my brain," she wrote later.

Alfonso later told Barry that Medina came in the room and left without saying anything.

"We fought," she wrote. "He doesn't give a sh--. He called me a b--ch LOL."

"He said I was inconsiderate," she wrote, before ending the exchange, saying "I feel like I want to leave."

Just hours later, Medina shot Alfonso in their South Miami townhouse before posting his confession on Facebook and turning himself into police.

NBC 6 also obtained a journal allegedly belonging to Alfonso titled "Inside the Mind of an Insane Woman." In it, Alfonso wrote things like being so jealous of her husband for checking out other women that she wanted to murder him, and not being able to sleep because she was thinking about zombies and the end of the world.

The two had a rocky, on-and-off relationship but enjoyed exploring the supernatural together and had gone on ghost tours.

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drakemallard topcommenter

Did Derek Medina Believe He Was the Next George Zimmerman?

Derek  also reportedly wanted to be a neighborhood watchman. 

 Derek is an avid enthusiast of mixed martial arts. He is seen in YouTube videos hitting punching bags. He also has multiple photos of himself holding guns and knives on his Facebook page.

A few of Jennifer’s former co-workers are speaking out and claiming that Jennifer had been the victim of a very abusive marriage.

“She would be bruised up,” Amanda Cooper said.

Another co-worker, Cathy LaBella, said: “He would always come back, begging her. She would say he was going to change. She was in love with him.”

Amy Sedeno
Amy Sedeno

Still? Let her rest in peace. Time to look for new, more relevant stories.


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Maybe he just got upset her for butchering the English language, you no?

Cesar Rojas
Cesar Rojas

Yesenia Rodriguez Albert Rodriguez Jr

Bettie Kay
Bettie Kay

Just let her rest in peace..such an invasion of privacy to post peoples private messages. Stop sensationalizing murder.

Luis Quintero
Luis Quintero

just take a look at him. you can tell he's a couple fries short of a happy meal. What was she thinking the day he asked her out?

Orlando De Frias
Orlando De Frias

It's always strange reading a post about someone dying, and then people like it.


@he_said_what Well stated thought if only the person uttering it had also not butchered the English language... 

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