Florida Is Home to Women Who Got Burned by 4chan, MySpace, and Stickam

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Illustration by Liam Peters
Who's at fault when internet celebrities become targets of real-life harassment? Are they victims of their own narcissism? What about when they're under the age of consent?

For our cover story this week, New Times looked at what happens to a young girl when she achieves pseudo-fame online. We profiled Loli-chan, a South Florida woman who courted older male attention in the nascent days of the web. At some point in our reporting, though, we noticed Florida is probably the world's capital for those who get burned by the internet. Right in our own state, we have Central Florida MySpace queens, women who become subjects of 4chan raids for using the only-in-Florida insult "jit," and Miami's own internet Lolita.

Lacey Vicich, the provacateur.
In August 2012, Lacey Vicich began taunting members of 4chan's /b/ board by calling them "jits" and providing the URL of her profile on the cam site MyGirlFund.com. Although Vicich probably saw this move as a clever marketing technique, saying "you'll never reveal my true identity" was a huge mistake. 4chan users "doxed" her, or convened in chat rooms to discover and disseminate her personal information. They pulled sexual content from Vicich's cam site and created a URL using her real name to host the material. They also harassed her at work and called in a robbery at her parents' North Port home.

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