Dolphins vs. Bills: Four Keys to a Fins Win on Sunday

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The Dolphins are fresh off their bye week, players are relatively healthy, and they're playing a Buffalo team at home that has a homeless guy named "Jeff" that draws pictures for you outside of Churchill's starting at QB. What could go wrong?

Well, for starters:

  • The Bills played their last game above 'their station' and competed into OT with a very good Bengals team. Everyone thinks they're shit so they're playing freely with nothing to lose.
  • The homeless QB mentioned earlier is a local product. So there's always the fear of 'local boy comes back and whoops on hometown team' that has happened more than a couple times.
  • The fact the Dolphins are favored by 8 points, the quarterback is shit and IT'S OUR TIME and all that should make everyone freak out like so:

Ah yes. With the Patriots next week and a debilitated opponent this week, the classic TRAP GAME hovers around Sunday's game like a farty ghost.

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