Ravens at Dolphins This Sunday: Four Keys For a Fins Win

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After a humbling loss to the Saints, how will the Dolphins bounce back? What can they do? Who do they want to be? Are they better than what that performance delineated? Are they worse than what their record tells us?

The season will answer these questions with unforgiving evidence. The path to that answer begins, in earnest, this Sunday when the Dolphins take on a resurgent defending Super Bowl champion.

The Ravens are fucked -- their offense is terrible and their defense is middling -- but they come into Sun Life 2-0 in the last five seasons (including playoffs). The Dolphins -- fresh of the good steaks-and-blowjobs pary of the past three weeks -- MUST bounce back before the bye week to get their confidence back. BUT HOOOOW???

Some possibly awesome hopefully ways to do this:

1. Truly Good Teams Bounce Back
Fuck the Saints. Fuck the loss. Fuck the hype. Come back on Sunday and play tough, hard-nosed, mistake-free football. The mark of any good team is how they respond to adversity and failure. During the third quarter last Monday, the Dolphins recoiled into scared prison snitches come shower time. They could do no right and it subsequently opened a large gaping hole into their VERY SOULS. That can't happen on Sunday. The Ravens have had our number lately and if there was ever an opportunity to dig out of the shitty mire that is being a Dolphins player, coach, front office person and, above all, fan it comes on Sunday against a former Super Bowl champion. Jesus Christ for the love of God just beat the bloody shit out of them. Surprise us!

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