Ten Amazing Halloween Costumes For Miami's Sports Stars

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Halloween is right around the corner, and if you haven't already, now is the time to pick up a costume. By now, Walmart's cookie-cutter dress-up shelves look like the Publix bottled water section when a hurricane is churning in the Gulf.

Sometimes the best Halloween ideas are right under your nose -- maybe it's a character you already look just like, or something that reflects your inner personality. Riptide thought we might lend a hand to a few of our South Florida sports stars, seeing as they may be a tad busy for Halloween nonsense at this very moment, and provide a few costume ideas we would love to see them try to pull off.

LeBron as Dracula
King James is the most terrifying character in the NBA. He lives off the blood of his opponents. Sometimes he seems to have that whole "transform-into-a-bat-to-fly-over-people's heads" thing going on. All he's missing in the cape and the teeth, honestly.

Jose Fernandez as Justin Bieber
He's the baby-faced sensation at Marlins Park, where legions ... OK, a few thousand fans flock to see him beat down batters like a teen idol destroying tweens' hearts. Yes, we are all Beliebers in Jose Fernandez.


Birdman as Jax from Sons of Anarchy
Is anyone positive that Birdman doesn't star in Sons of Anarchy in the off-season? Has anyone seen Chris Andersen and Charlie Hunnam in a room together?

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