Handcuffed Man Walking Along Palmetto Expressway Claims He Was Abducted by Police Impersonators

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Well, this certainly is a whole new way to get stuck on the Palmetto.

Earlier this morning a man was found walking along the busy Palmetto Expressway with his feet bare and his hands bound behind his back. When police questioned the man he claimed that he had been abducted by police impostors and left on the busy road.

Police arrived at the scene near where the Palmetto passes over Okeechobee Road this morning after recieving tips of a man wondering barefoot in just yellow shorts and black top.

According to CBS Miami, the man said he was abducted near his home on 15073 SW 43rd Lane in Miami. Several men jumped out of a black SUV with what he said looked like police lights and forced him inside and told him he was under arrest.

The man said he then jumped out of the vehicle to escape while it was traveling on the Palmetto.

The handcuffs used were not standard police issue.

The man had been transported to Miami-Dade Police headquarters in Doral for further questions.

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why impersonators? police in south FL are more dangerous and twisted than any criminal out there...

John Petrini
John Petrini

George napolis was killed by a police inpersonator he is still in jail it happened on Rickenbacker beach i miss him he was a good friend


LOL so they find a guy that was abducted and tied up.... and they keep him... tied up!? Popo esta de madre.

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

Or, you know, maybe they didn't have the means to get the cuffs off.

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