Kittens Rescued From Miami International Airport Ceiling

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This is about as adorable as airport security breaches get.

After workers heard weird noises coming from a ceiling in Terminal J at Miami International Airport, firefighters investigated and found three newborn kittens trapped inside.

The rescue went down Saturday around 4 p.m.

No one, however, knows where the kittens came from. Of course, everyone knows that stray cats roam Miami-Dade like it's one big litter box, but the Miami-Dade Airport Fire Rescue found no sign of the mother.

Popular internet meme Ceiling Cat was not immediately available for comment.

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I hope they get adopted, they look to be few days from being born.I work in the cargo area of the airport and they are everywhere despite the lack of residential places. Breaks my heart when they get killed by the truckers who are either speeding or too busy on their phones to pay attention

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