Marco Rubio Plans a Bill to Extend Health Care Deadline in Wake of Glitchy Website

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Florida officials keep trying to derail the ACA, and Colorado just got this sweet ad. So much for "fairness" Marco Rubio.
It's been almost a month since the Health Care Exchange opened, and it's still extremely difficult to create an account. Although the primary issue on October 1st seemed to be a glitch with some drop-down menus, that technical difficulty has been smoothed over. It's the very next part -- the actual ability to hit "send' and have the server process the newly created account -- that seems to be a problem now.

Americans are born and bred to becomes competitive line waiters -- tweens whose parents let them wait outside the Today Show for 19 hours to glimpse a teen idol probably become the crazed adults who camp outside the AT&T store every time a new iPhone is released. But Marco Rubio is questioning our dedication and patience as a people by boldly claiming that we'd rather incur a government fine than deal with an overburdened server. Now he's drafting a bill that would extend the deadline for obtaining insurance until the site works better. He says the bill, which would move the deadline to six months after the kinks were worked out, could be introduced as early as Monday.

The Tea Party senator has been vehemently opposed to health care reform in the past, making various bold claims this year about its potential cost and efficacy that the Miami Herald deemed mostly false. But his latest attempt to derail the legislation is based on simple fairness, he claims.

"How you can punish people for not buying something that is impossible to buy because of the inability of this website to function because of government incompetence?" he asked Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly last night.

Right now, Americans have until March 2014 to get signed up with a plan. The entire transcript from the Rubio interview went up as a press release on his website this morning.

Florida has been one of the least friendly states to the Affordable Care Act. Last month, the Department of Health said that federally funded Navigators -- those tasked with helping Americans understand and sign up for health insurance under the new law -- weren't allowed to step foot in county offices.

Other states have been more jazzed about the potential for health care reform and have marketplaces that straight-up speak our language. Yesterday, Colorado was treated to a hilarious ad about "Brosurance" that aim to galvanize its uninsured residents with a pretty apt analogy. The crux of the ad: You already know that keg stands are crazy, but so is going uninsured! True, Colorado, true.

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Kristofer Jesus Castellar
Kristofer Jesus Castellar

Mandatory Health care is equivalent to the intolerable acts that sparked a revolution with our Fore Fathers. Insurance is a scam, and the fact that it is mandatory (Even Auto Insurance) is downright unconstitutional .... But hey, Modern America doesn't give a crap about our Fore fathers, or freedom, or liberty. None of that is important . . & Where the hell does my tax money go? I'm not even being represented at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drakemallard topcommenter

The same Marco Rubio? That Talks Big but Fails to Deliver?

Spend thousands with GOP credit card

"Marco Rubio Lied About His Cuban Exile Immigrant Background"

as House speaker when he spent nearly $400,000 on office renovations.

Rubio's 2010 senate campaign was fined $8,000 by the Federal Elections Committee for receiving "prohibited, excessive and other impermissible contributions totaling $210,173.09."

Records show Rubio sent payments to American Express totaling $13,900 for his personal expenses during his tenure as House speaker. But those payments were not made monthly. He made no contributions to the bill during a six-month stretch in 2007, records show.

One committee paid relatives nearly $14,000 for what was incorrectly described to the IRS as "courier fees" and listed a nonexistent address for one of them. Another committee paid $5,700 to his wife, who was listed as the treasurer, much of it for "gas and meals."

Rubio's spending continued in 2005 when the Republican Party of Florida handed him a credit card to use at his own discretion. While serving as House speaker in 2007 and 2008, he charged thousands of dollars in restaurant tabs to the state party at the same time taxpayers were subsidizing his meals in Tallahassee.

Marco Rubio, was paying thousands to Bovo's firm absentee Helping Rubio cruise to a surprise win was a political consulting firm owned by Viviana Bovo, the wife of county Commissioner Esteban Bovo. She was paid $19,637 for "political strategy" and "consulting" by Rubio's campaign.
Will the Birthers Scrutinize Marco Rubio's U.S. Citizenship?

drakemallard topcommenter

where is a provisions to cut benefits/ services and lifetime health coverage, salaries for Politicians

the politicians are too dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it -- that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. (They vote on their own raises, healthcare, and pension plans, and we are left with the bill. ,Members of Congress sleeping in the office are thus playing on the edge to eek out even more compensation from the taxpayer. They convert use of a space -- that we have paid for -- intended for work into living space as they avoid rent) AS we know, the money hungry Congress men and women have taken millions from the Koch,, and that really is what drives their positions, not the interests of the American people. That makes them low-life indeed”

Najsoj Osnola
Najsoj Osnola

this obummer care is going to bankrupt us all

Rick Amador
Rick Amador

Fuck Rubia!!! Obamacare is the law of the land, we voted it in. Facist Tea Party right wing shit. Find another cause to fight for.

Ru Ru H
Ru Ru H are many Americans who are now forced to pay for something we don't want!

José Manuel
José Manuel

There's plenty of time to ACA webpage to work before the deadline to register; Once it is up and running all you need is 10 minutes to sign up. In fact, many people already have. We don't need an extension, what we need is Rubio out of congress.

George Patterson
George Patterson

I am about as anti-Republican as you can get, and Marco Rubio is an ass tool as far as I'm concerned, but what he is proposing is not outrageous. Companies and individuals can't even sign up for the healthcare. The website is a joke. I think an extension is fair.

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