Meet Mark Gold's 21-Year-Old Fiancee, Who Got Topless on the Jerry Springer Show

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Chandler Sutherland: Private jet ride to Las Vegas.
Late last week, one of Miami Beach's wealthiest and most flamboyant characters was found wandering the streets, his face battered and bruised. Police arrested the five-foot-five Mark Gold -- who once sued Goldrush strip club over a $19,000 bar tab and uses chimpanzees as commercial props for his behemoth law firm, the Ticket Clinic -- on charges of felony domestic battery.

The cops said he roughed up his fiancée after he found some displeasing material on her Facebook page. But the incident report left out one key bit of information: the identity of the fiancée.

Now, one would expect Gold, who has a young son and only divorced his wife, Caroline Gold, in 2010, to have settled down with someone who had an age approximate to his 58 years. That person, however, would be totally wrong.

Gold's fiancée is none other than 21-year-old party girl Chandler Sutherland. It's difficult to say what, exactly, upset Gold involving her social media footprint -- because it carries just so much freewheeling debauchery.

Sutherland, who didn't return Riptide's request for comment and was charged with misdemeanor battery in 2011, frequently logs getting "wasted" in granular detail, documents her obsession with her dog "meatball," and enters meditation after meditation on her cleavage. Which, by every account, is a central aspect of the Chandler Sutherland ethos. (Her battery charge wasn't prosecuted.)

Judging from the torrent of social media in her wake, these images might make Gold go like this:


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Big Boy toys...women all are in it for something, no free rides when it comes to women...

lonianderson1979 topcommenter

Here's how the comments will go....

Girls="you go girl!"

Guys="that's my boy!"

Girls="he's a pig"

Guys="gold digging slut"


I love it!  21-year-old girlie!  Great job!


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I'm a little sad they are not running for office in Miami Beach.  Maybe next time. 

Scott Dell
Scott Dell

This my friends is perhaps less about Mr. Gold and more about the city with which this kind of nonsense seems almost commonplace.

Jasmin M Augustin
Jasmin M Augustin

somehow, i opened it and read it too. wth cares about this woman and why are we reporting it?!

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