Marlins No-Hitter Memorial Tickets Were Just PDFs, Had Wrong Date

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Yesterday the sports world was taken by surprise when the Marlins announced that they were selling unsold tickets to a game that had been played the day before. Ostensibly they were meant as memorabilia to commemorate Henderson Alvarez's walk-off no-hitter.

Turns out the "tickets" are just PDFs you're meant to print yourself, and they don't even have the correct date.

A buyer sent a screenshot of the PDF he was sent to Deadspin with the wrong date:

via Deadspin
The game took place September 29, not, as the ticket says, October 3 (when the Marlins won't even be playing, because, duh, their season is over).

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the Marlins soon realized that this was even too shady for them. They contacted the people who had paid $15 for the privilege of printing out an incorrectly dated piece of paper and will instead send out real tickets with the real date. Hopefully anyway. Those tickets will be on sale until Sunday.

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Terry Franckhauser
Terry Franckhauser

And you thought some how the Marlins would do this correctly - laughing stock of professional sports

Jose Medina
Jose Medina

Yeah, they are giving people a chance to lie and say they were there,ronchy

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