Miami Herald's Tabloid Is Now an Equal Opportunity Sexy Model Objectifier

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When the Miami Herald company announced they'd be producing a free Spanish-language tabloid called Caliente, they got tons of criticism for announcing they'd be including a picture of a weekly bikini babe. That's pretty standard for tabloids across the globe, but let's give Caliente credit for breaking new ground in the tabloid skin pics game. This week's "Modelo Caliente" is a dude.

Meet "Dio," a 25-year-old Virgo who loves pilates.

According to the Herald, the tabloid will now regularly switch in the occasional man into its centerfold spot.

Ever since British tabloid the Sun started printing pictures of topless chicks on "Page 3" back in 1969, the "let's just print a picture of a scantily glad women every issue for no reason" has become a tabloid staple pretty much everywhere except in America. And while we can't confirm this is the first, Caliente does appear to be the only example we can find of a tabloid that plans to objectify both men and women on a regular basis. Which is, we guess, pretty progressive as far as fap material goes.

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