Miami Woman Who Stole Golf Cart from Jail Tells Judge: "I Was Like, Fuck Yeah, Let's Do This"

The family of a woman who hijacked a jail golf cart and drove it into a barricade is worried sick that's she's not receiving the proper mental health help she needs in jail. They say her rambling and bizarre appearance in bond court, in which she said things like, "I was like, fuck yeah, let's do this," is proof of her bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Amanda Evans, who is 18 years old, was arrested on Tuesday when she was visiting the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center to pick up property after having been arrested previously on Saturday for disorderly conduct. On her way out she hijacked a golf cart and then ran it into a barricade and eventually a parked car. Corrections officers were able to detain her.

Evan appeared before Judge Ellen Sue Venzer through video conferencing wearing an anti-suicide smock according to NBC Miami.

When Venzer read her the charges of stealing the golf cart, Evans replied, "Oh yeah, I always wanted to do that, I always wanted to get a golf cart and smash it into something, so when I saw like some things, I was like, fuck yeah, let's do this," Evans said. "I always wanted to do that shit."

"I love my job," replied Venzer while shaking her head (the same judge ruled over a bond court hearing for a woman who had stabbed her mother to death and appeared dazed in court earlier this week). Venzer then suggested a psychological evaluation, but Evans bond was set at $5,000.

Her family tells NBC Miami that they're worried Evans isn't getting the treatment she needs, and haven't seen her since Saturday.

"She should have been Baker Acted," her mother, Brenda Evans, told the station. "She needs her medication. If she has her medication, she will be OK."

"I'm very hurt and disappointed in the system that they let something happen like that," she concluded.

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Ru Ru H
Ru Ru H

Seems like she just suffers from YOLO.


If she is in a suicide smock, she was smocked until a doctor did a psych eval on her in the jail.  If the doctor determined that she was not a danger to herself or others, she would have been released after her bail was posted (by her parents). So basically, what we have here is parents of an adult who may (or may not) be suffering mental illness to the point where she needs to be hospitalized (according to her parents) and the parents bonded her out, then allowed her to run off instead of immediately calling the authorities and having her Baker Acted. They did nothing to have her hospitalized, instead they allow her to run off. Now they want to blame the court system for her lack of care, but did nothing to aid their daughter while she was in their care and custody. And now somehow, it is the court's fault. Riiiight. 

Génesis Cuesta
Génesis Cuesta

It's called Schizoaffective. She can't have Bipolar and Schizophrenia separately!

Luke Hunter
Luke Hunter

stealing golf carts is where its at!

Tony Amp
Tony Amp

Luke Hunter Franccesco Cardenas Fuck yeah!

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