Miami's Butane Hash Oil Scene: The Future of Pot in Dade (Video)

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It looks like wax and it's vaporized on a red-hot disk of titanium. It's made by forcing butane through pipes packed with marijuana. And for a certain segment of the weed aficionado population, it's the future of mary jane. Of course, if you don't know how to make it, it can also blow up your house just as quickly as any Breaking Bad experiment.

It's butane hash oil and for this week's feature, New Times delved deep into Miami's blooming dabber scene. Click through for a video.

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Barbara Salazar
Barbara Salazar

hash will fry you, if its not green its not clean ever heard of that before? hash will kill your brain in the end 100%

Cata Villegas
Cata Villegas

"never use pvc cause it can poison you"...biggest oxymoron ever

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