NFL on Miami's Latest Super Bowl Bid: Thanks, but No Thanks

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Earlier this morning news broke that the Miami Dolphins officially submitted a proposal to bid for Super Bowl 52 in 2018. It only took a few hours for the NFL to say, "Listen, we really appreciate your interest, but we're looking to go in another direction."

Miami was shut out. Only Indianapolis, New Orleans, and Minneapolis have been invited to bid for the game by the league.

Miami was a finalist to host both the 2016 and 2017 edition of the big game but lost both to San Francisco and Houston respectively.

For the past few years the NFL has warned South Florida that upgrades would need to be made to the 26-year-old Sun Life Stadium if the area were to ever host another Super Bowl again. Roger Goodell reiterated that with last year's snub, and it appears the league isn't even going to entertain Miami's proposal this time around.

Owner Stephen Ross was seeking public money to split a $400 million renovation of the not-quite-aging stadium, but that plan was shut down in the state legislature earlier this year with out so much as a vote on the matter.

Ross has indicated he's still working on a plan to get public funds to upgrade the stadium, but so far has not presented a new plan.

Miami has hosted 10 Super Bowls, tied with New Orleans for the most (and not one time did the lights go out in our stadium, fancy renovations or not, by the way).

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Who in the fuck would want to go to Minnesota or Indianapolis the first week of February to see a Super Bowl?  Can't really go fishing or play a round of golf while you're there.  No beaches. Probably shitty nightlife.  I guess the NFL just wants people to fly in on Saturday and leave on Monday.  Fucktards. 

Jerry Gonzalez
Jerry Gonzalez

Yeah we started an awful precedence down here. Billionaires having to spend their own money. Motherfucker turned around and gave 200 million to the university of Michigan a few weeks later. NFL owners won't let him spend is own money cause then every one of them would have to do it when their time comes. Vultures!

Jason Chohonis
Jason Chohonis

Yeah but I wouldn't be surprised if the Dolphins or the City of Miami are promoting this rejection. Give it a couple years, theyre going to guilt trip the city into selling out social services to build another sports facility. Love the Dolphins, but I think its pretty shitty of us to screw over taxpayers (and future ones in our students) for another billionaire's benefit.

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

Good. serves this city right for being stupid and letting the Marlins debacle dictate this. Upgrading Dolphins stadium was a no brainer consider tourists were picking up the tab. The same tourists that viist during the super bowl...but since people wanted to be all like lets punish the rich man thinking they were making a statement in reality they fucked the city over.


@Alex Anico Couldn't disagree more, Alex.

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