Orlando Hernandez Accused of Swindling City of Hialeah, But El Duque Says "It's All Politics"

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Michael E. Miller
Miami pitcher Henderson Álvarez, left, and former Yankee Orlando "El Duque" Hernández
Would you like some controversy with your cognac?

Last night's celebrity-filled soirée at the Biltmore Hotel -- hosted by Hennessy in honor of Roberto Clemente -- took a strange twist when talk turned from the booze to a simmering baseball controversy in Hialeah. Accused earlier in the day of swindling the city out of thousands of dollars and depriving downtrodden kids of access to a public park, former Yankee pitcher Orlando "El Duque" Hernández insisted he had done nothing wrong.

"This is all politics," Hernández told Riptide. "People are attacking me and my school in order to tarnish [mayor] Carlos Hernandez, a person who is doing good things for the city. But they aren't going to succeed."

The controversy centers on Babcock Park in Hialeah. In August of 2011, newly minted mayor Carlos Hernández signed a contract awarding total control of the park's seven baseball fields to El Duke Sports Association, LLC.

El Duque's company quickly encircled the fields with fences and padlocks, and began hosting tournaments costing between $300 and $500 per team.

Some locals were irked by the overnight privatization of the city's main baseball park. José Azze, a former Hialeah Parks & Rec official, began asking for records of the city's dealings with El Duque. He began attending city council meetings to demand answers.

Yesterday, just hours before the glitzy Biltmore party, Azze held his own event: a press conference announcing that he had officially filed a complaint against El Duque with the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics & Public Trust.

Azze told Riptide that privatizing public parks is nothing new, but El Duque had thrown the city a serious curveball.

"Usually someone gets 50 percent of the profit" when a park is privatized, Azze said. "Usually someone has to do the work or there is always a give and take. But in this case, it was very unusual because we did all the maintenance, we gave him all the fields, we paid for all of the lights, and they kept 100 percent of the profits ... The price is very high for our community."

Azze blamed the bad deal on the city's star-struck mayor, Carlos Hernández.

"The guy was a professional famous baseball player," he said. "Obviously it gives the mayor clout that he brought in a big name." (The mayor's office did not respond to a request for comment.)

Azze also claimed El Duque had broken the terms of the contract by not handing over an estimated $30,000 in concession money. Nor had El Duque obtained permits for his highly lucrative tournaments. Most importantly, privatizing the fields had locked out Hialeah's poor pelters and eliminated space for other sports like soccer and football, Azze said.

But El Duque didn't dodge the question when asked about the park at the Hennessy party. Instead, he came out slinging fastballs, even suggesting that his critics were on drugs.

"It's all politics," he said. "They want to use the school to slander someone. But we are happy with what we're doing. No TV station has bothered to interview the parents of even one of our students to see how they feel about it. Those are who you need to interview, not the detractors that are in the streets talking, and talking and talking. They are just playing politics instead of speaking to those who are benefitting from the school.

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Reporter got it wrong. It's $300 per local kid to play a 4-5 months season.  

I don't know about tournaments but I'm sure it's more than $300 per team.


Wow! So a park that had been open to the public now is a private facility. Hialeah as usual. The good thing is that since its Hialeah, all that's required is a bolt cutter and you can go play. FUCK HIALEAH!!!


300 for a team of 15 kids? 20 bucks each. Doesn't sound so bad to me.


El Duque is douchebag. Vete pa'tra pa Cuba descarado.


@EmiliTO Kids can pay $300 each for an 18-game season, or they can play in three-day tournaments that cost an entry fee of $300-500 per team. So the article is accurate.


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@bigken79 That's for a tournament (only 3 games guaranteed). So roughly $10 per game per person.

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