Paraguayan President's Son Arrested for Drunken Fight in Bal Harbour

You know how Donald Trump keeps threatning to run for president? Well, Paraguay's version of Donald Trump, Horacio Cartes, actually did and won. So of course he has a partying son who lives in Miami who gets arrested after a drunken fight after a party at his ritzy condo. Of course he does.

Twenty-eight-year-old Juan Pablo Cartes Montaña was arrested early Sunday morning on misdemeanor charges for allegedly punching a guest in the lobby at the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort complex.

According to the Miami Herald, Cartes organized a get together at his $2.8 million condo (which is officially owned by President Cartes' sister). He asked one of his guests to leave and had security escort the man out, but then Cartes came down to the lobby and allegedly punched the man in his eye. He ended up being arrested when police arrived at 4:45 a.m.

He later bonded out for $1,500.

"I wish to apologize for this bad moment, even though it wasn't my fault," Cartes told the Herald. "It's one of my worst days. I'd rather not get into details."

The official government response noted that Cartes is in Miami pursuing "higher education," but Cartes only takes ESOL classes at Miami Dade College.

His father meanwhile is a billionaire businessman known for his blunt talk. He dropped $20 million of his own money on his campaign. Cabals released by Wikileaks suggested Cartes may be involved with money laundering and drug trafficking.

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How many times these South Americanos in Miami - Rich, connected and very powerful in their homelands - get locked up at Americano cops who could care less who their Mommy or Daddy is...


now that is a story,laundering money in south florida,with names and details,just as is the article belongs in the high school paper.

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