Richard Dunn, Miami City Commission Candidate, Spent Thousands On Terrible Food

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Anyone up for McDonald's?
Pollo Tropical. Snapper. TGIF Friday's. Dunkin Donuts. McDonald's.

Miami City Commission candidate Richard Dunn loves him some food. And, according to yesterday's campaign finance report -- which arrived three weeks late -- he will spend, and spend freely when it comes to terrible food. While other candidates sashay and schmooze through Miami's fine-dining panorama, looking to squeeze out a full dollars from a wealthy donor, Dunn and his staff goes to Wendy's and spends $6.41.

Now, that may seem like a paltry sum. And indeed it is. But those receipts for $6.41 add up, and over the last three months Dunn has spent more than $2,500 on food -- most of it the junk variety.

"I got a big campaign," Dunn told Riptide. "It's not just me; it's my staff. You think I eat all that food by myself? My team, they need to eat. They be out there in the hot sun all day and we buy different things for them. They work hard."

Indeed, Dunn, the frontrunner for the District 5 seat, and his staff sometimes hit the restaurant circuit more than once in a single day. On August 26, his campaign poured $121.71 into Jackson's Soul Food, Wendy's, TGIF's, and the Blue Collar restaurant.

Then a few weeks later on September 13, he and his team dolled up their eating slate a little, plopping down $275.80 on food at Cafe Prima, Blue Collar, and someplace called "Margaret Restaurant." As far as Riptide can tell, there isn't any Margaret Restaurant in Miami -- but there is one in Fairhaven Massachusetts. He patronized this restaurant again on September 23, dumping $68.67.

This wasn't the only oddity on Dunn's form, however. The candidate's pretty sparse with the details. He doesn't list any address anywhere for any expense. ("But I have the receipts," Dunn explained. "We'll post the receipts on my account.")

The Miami Herald this morning questioned $224 he gave to FLP on September 11 for his campaign headquarters. Dunn didn't put down the office's address. He also funneled $1,500 to Charles Kabbaby on August 20 for "rent," though again no address is listed.

Harshly criticizing the Herald to Riptide, Dunn said that money was for his second campaign office at 626 Northwest 62nd Street. "The most important thing is that I didn't violate any campaign finance regulation...This is where my people work."

(UPDATE: Richard Dunn is now being investigated for paying his workers in cash -- a campaign finance violation.)

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Terrence you've really outdone yourself. Criticizing people's right to eat!  Did you come up with this malarkey all by yourself? Bet Uncle Luke put you up to it. LOL. And you fell for it. LMAO. Didn't you know Uncle Luke is desperate. Michelle is going out in a few days and he won't have a pot to piss in. We know where you're eating so don't forget to blame Dunn when you get the runs from eating the stuff you're finding at the bottom of the bottom of the barrel. 


He's a damn criminal!   Please District 5, don't elect this thief just because he's a black rev who may tell you the right things.   

Malone is the only chance at a decent commissioner.   In any case, good riddance to Spence-Jones.   Now let's get someone who actually is willing to work for the people, not collect a paycheck and steal.

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