South Miami Teacher Fired for Providing Booze and Condoms to Students on Prom

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A South Miami teacher is out of a job after she tried to make sure her students had a little too much fun after prom. Isabel Diaz-Almaraz, a teacher at South Miami High, allegedly rented a $1,000-a-night suite for students to party after prom and provided them with booze and condoms.

Among the evidence, this Instagram photo of the booze and condoms with the caption "Thank you Ms. D!":

Diaz-Almaraz was originally suspended without pay back in September 2012, and superintendent Alberto Carvalho argued she should be terminated. Yesterday, the school board unanimously agreed.

Though Diaz-Alamaraz admitted to renting out the suite, she says she never saw alcohol there and did not buy it for the students. Students who testified also claimed they never saw her drink. Though, the School Board was not moved according to NBC Miami.

"Ms. Diaz-Almaraz's interactions with her students reflect a deep immaturity and craving for their approval," claimed the board in its investigation.

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Terry Franckhauser
Terry Franckhauser

She's crazy- don't need her around my kids- they have enough bad influences. Floozzy

Todd Bogart
Todd Bogart

The board members are psychoanalysts too?

Brownie Izaguirre
Brownie Izaguirre

This is absolutely ridiculous. I'd sue the shit out of them.

James Lindsay
James Lindsay

well it is school right rules still apply miss teacher

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