The Heat's New Intro Video Looks Like Torture Porn Filmed in Hell

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For the past few seasons, the Miami Heat has been known for elaborate intro videos played before games. Back when Dwyane Wade was the only star on the team, the videos looked ripped from the pages of GQ, with designer duds and flashy neon effects. But ever since LeBron James established himself as the team leader, they've become a bit more primal.

Last year's video was a more stripped-down affair, both in terms of wardrobe and aesthetic, with shirtless players stretching in a concrete hallway. This year's effort gets even more intense and less dapper, if a behind-the-scenes preview that made its way to Instagram today is any indication.

LeBron looks like the arch villain from a Mortal Kombat game. He's the kind of baddie who hides under the beds of small children at night, not to attack them, but to drag the dads who peek under to make sure there's no monster to his hellish headquarters to drink their blood for sustenance.

Here's Dwyane Wade, who looks a bit more chill about the whole thing.

For comparison, here's the 2011 intro video, in which the Heat's MO was more "steal your girl" than "steal your very soul."

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