University of Miami Students Ranked Eighth Sexiest in the Nation

University of Miami is top ten material, and we're not talking about the football team. The Daily Beast compiled the stats on America's sexiest colleges, and ol' Suntan U came in at number eight.

"We ranked hotness using College Prowler data on campuses with the best-looking guys and girls," explains the site. "We also factored in sexual health, using Trojan's annual sexual health report card for colleges across the country."

Turns out UM guys are an average of 9.5 out of 10, while girls are just a little bit behind at 9.43.

Though, it's that sexual health score that sort of drags the 'Canes down. Trojan ranks the schools "according to accessibility of sexual health resources and information available to students." Miami only came in 31st on that list. In actuality only one school ranked ahead of University of Miami on the full list had a higher ranking for hot girls and guys. Ironically that was Miami University in Ohio.

Meanwhile University of Florida came in 13th with 8.72 for guys, 9.03 for girls and sexual health rank of 12.

FSU was 17th with a 9.45 for guys, a 9.28 for girls and a sexual health rank of 71.

Apparently University of Miami administration needs to work on its campus sexual health programs so the student body can rightfully take its place as the official hottest.

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Sam Wright
Sam Wright

top two sexiest schools on the list: Wisconsin and Miami University (Ohio), yeah ok, recount

Lucy Rivero
Lucy Rivero

We also rank nationally in the top 50 academically ahead of UF and FSU

Scott Spencer
Scott Spencer

And how the football team is doing. We want to know that too.

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