Dolphins at Jets: What to Watch For

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Well, it's Jets Week around these parts and that means you can pretty much throw Incognito, Martin, our terrible offensive line, the (hopefully) looking unemployment of the entire front office and coaching staff and everything else out the window. It's Jets Week, which means the only thing we can focus on is beating the ever living shit out of those troglodytes and sending them back to the cave from whence they crawled out of. Here's what to look out for on Sunday:

1. Fighting to Stay Alive in the Wildcard Playoff Race...or Which Team Can Outsuck The Other
Thanks to an odd NFL season where the dropoff from the top teams in the AFC to the bottom is considerable, there is a final 6th playoff spot currently up for grabs between 6 teams - 2 of which are the Dolphins and Jets, both 5-6 on the year. Neither of these teams is what one would call 'playoff caliber' but yet here they are still mathematically alive for the 6th playoff spot in the AFC. The Dolphins have been unable to pull 2 wins together since they were 3-0 seemingly ages ago while the Jets have a great defense but absolutely putrid offensive play - especially from up-but-mostly-down rookie QB play. Can the Dolphins instill a bit of confidence and self-respect by beating the hated Jets? They'll need to to realistically keep their season alive.

2. Dolphins Inconsistent Offense vs Jets Top Defense
The Dolphins have been all over the place offensively this season. Sometimes they run the ball with ease and authority, sometimes they can throw the ball deep, sometimes Tannehill spreads the ball around but other times they give up sacks, miss big play opportunities and become too one-dimensional. The Jets defense is not a team to do any of those really stupid things against. The Jets' top 10 overall defense also features the league's #1 rushing defense so forget about seeing the Dolphins' run game get going in this, the 12th game of the season. Instead, the Dolphins must find a way to be more consistent in the passing game and Brian Hartline, in particular, could have a big day. MEEEEOOOOWWWW!

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