John Snavely Isn't the Only Dancing Bear Porn Star to be Charged With Murder

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Snavely as Ronnie in Jersey Score
This week, New Times pulls back the spattered porn curtain on one of the most bizarre and brutal stories in South Florida history. It's the tale of Miami's biggest male porn performer, his rise to smut-screen stardom, and his descent into murder.

But John Snavely -- better known as "Champ" from Bang Bros websites like Dancing Bear -- isn't the first South Florida porn star to be accused of killing someone. In fact, he's not even the only Dancing Bear actor charged with murder.

"What are the chances of that?" says one of the website's other performers. "Two murderers in one porno?"

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When Snavely joined Dancing Bear sometime in 2010, he was a prized recruit. But he wasn't the only stud in the studio's stable.

Among the other porn stars -- paid $500 per day to dress up in a furry bear suit, strip off said suit, and have sex with whatever women they see -- was a 27-year-old bisexual British DJ named Jason Andrews. The competition made for a turgid atmosphere on set.

"Between the five of us, it could get kind of aggressive," says a performer we'll call Sam (He asked that New Times not use his real name).

One morning in May of 2010, Andrews didn't show up for work. It was only the next day that Snavely, Sam, and the other performers learned that Andrews had been arrested for murder.

Authorities accused Anthony and his porn star girlfriend Amanda Logue, AKA Sunny Dae, of plotting to kill a Tampa tattoo artist named Dennis 'Scooter' Abrahamsen.

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Roger Shields
Roger Shields

Why would someone with so much going for themselves resort to murder.

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