Jonathan Martin at Stanford: Twitter Revolts as NFL Rep Hits Town

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Wearing an Izod shirt and a backward black Nike hat, Miami Dolphins guard Jonathan Martin attended a football game Saturday in which his alma mater Stanford was upset by University of Southern Calfornia.

Oddly, the defeat of the fourth-ranked Cardinals 20-17 wasn't the story for much of the country. The presence of bullied Dolphins guard Martin was. Commentator Brent Musberger told a national audience: "Big fella needs to go back to work someplace."

Today and tomorrow, NFL representative Ted Wells will visit the team's Davie headquarters to speak with players about the bullying scandal. Reports have placed offensive line coach Jim Turner at the scandal's center. Wells spoke with Martin for more than seven hours Friday.

With a patched-together offensive line, the Dolphins pulled out a win Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, but the tweets about Martin wouldn't stop. There was outrage that he showed up at the Stanford game (a bad luck charm?), a suggestion that the Stanford band play a prank, complaints that he was getting paid, and typical Twitter outrage at the outrage.

A sampling:

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Dylan Roberts
Dylan Roberts

IZOD? He must not be lying about being broke

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