Key West World Powerboat Championship: Racer Jeffrey Tillman Killed By Incompetence (Video)

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Two men died in the 2011 accident
The crash killed two menIt was one of the most spectacular and horrible crashes in South Florida marine history. A powerboat traveling more than 130 miles per hour flipped over backward and two men drowned beneath the hull in a world championship event as rescue workers struggled to reach the site.

Now, a lawsuit filed in Fort Lauderdale charges the pair, Jeffrey Tillman and his 74-year-old throttleman, Bob Morgan, died unnecessarily.

The suit was filed November 7, just as this past weekend's races in Key West started.. More than 40 boats competed against one another to run the 6.2 mile course.

Miami is a powerboating mecca. Its role in the trade was highlighted in 1987, with the gangland style killing of Don Aronow, the greatest powerboat racer of all time. During that era, the boats were often used to transport cocaine to the United States from the Caribbean.

Tillman and Morgan were killed in November 2011 when their boat flipped over. It took rescue workers nine minutes to reach them, charges the lawsuit filed by attorney William Scherer, because race sponsors incorrectly assumed they were killed by blunt trauma,.

The race was later cancelled because a second boat turned over, and rescue workers were stretched too thin to continue.

Three days later, a second driver, Joey Gratton, was killed when his boat flipped over. His widow has also sued race organizers Superboat International Productions and President John Carbonell. That suit is presently scheduled to go to trial early next year.

Autopsies after the accident showed Tillman and Morgan died from drowning. Saltwater was discovered in their lungs.

The suit faults race sponsors for allowing Tillman's boat to continue even though it didn't have a reinforced cockpit or a through-hull escape hatch, which might have saved the men, According to the Associated Press, boat teams now have to share safety plans with race sponsors, which was not required in the past.

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Obviously not very well versed in "Powerboat Racing", Unlimited Hydroplanes straightaway speeds are in excess of 200mph.  They like most inboard hydroplanes are constructed with a re-inforced "F16" style cockpit and they are on bottled air the entire time they are racing.  The death tole in Offshore superboat racing far exceeds most other class/types of powerboat racing combined.

The offshores have air onboard but it is not active air.  The crew has to be able to reach for it in order to use it, obviously they were unable to do so.  Blunt trauma does not mean 'dead', unconcious still allows breathing ie, the salt water.

miamitrev2 topcommenter

The lawyer is an asshole.   You crash a power boat...or any vehicle going 130 mph and chances are you are going to die


Chuck, good writing as usual:  1) terrible, misleading headline, 2) gramattical error in first sentence, 3) paragraph starting "Miami is a mecca..." has no place in the story and is totally irrelevant. You're the editor of this crappy magazine?  That explains why it sucks so much. Learn how to write.


sad event...but unless the throttles were "stuck" this is where the "fault" lies...

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