Jimmy Sabatino on New Times Feature: "Method Man Is a Scumbag"

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On schedule at exactly 10 a.m. yesterday morning, Miami's most notorious con man called New Times to chat. This rigmarole has been happened every day at the same time for weeks now, but yesterday's made for slightly different fodder.

For the next 30 minutes, Jimmy Sabatino held forth on every perceived problem -- of which there were apparently many -- in this week's feature on Sabatino, "The Don of Con."

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Jimmy Sabatino, a five-foot-six, 360 pound scam artist who compulsively hatches insane scams to sate his incredible need for attention, says he's told a lot of lies. But there's one that's truth, he swears, and he really super-duper wants you to believe it: Jimmy Sabatino knows famous people.

As such, the highest issue on Sabatino's litany of complaints? That "scumbag," Method Man, who claimed in our feature that he doesn't know Sabatino. "I don't know that nigga, 100," he recently explained to New Times from his e-mail account, pinkyphatphat.

Sabatino doesn't care if you call him a felon. Call him a liar, or a cheat -- and then watch him not give two fucks. But to imply that Sabatino doesn't know Method Man is a wild, brazen lie. "Method Man is a dirty scumbag, and that's why he didn't stand by me. Haven't you seen the pictures of me and him?"

Well, haven't you, reader?

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.....................Hilary 2016 !


I was enthralled by the article lol

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