MLS Prez Confirms a Team Is Probably Coming to Miami

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Yesterday, at a rally officially announcing that a Major League Soccer team is coming to Orlando, league Commissioner Don Garber had a bit of bad news for the assembled Orlando fans.

"This is the beginning for us in Florida," Garber told the crowd last night. "We hope to have a couple rivals for you that might be across the state and perhaps a couple hundred miles down state."

The Orlando fans booed heavily, but South Floridians should be sporting a coy smile.

While talking with the Orlando Sentinel, Garber dropped the hints and confirmed that a Miami team is in the works.

"We have been working hard. I was in Miami Friday and Saturday and met with the mayor during that meeting. There is a lot of momentum in that city," Garber told the paper about David Beckham's plans to bring a franchise to Miami.

"[Beckham has] been out meeting with partners, a couple of celebrity partners. The ownership group is coming together. They have been working to find a location for a soccer-specific stadium. If those pieces come together the way we all hope they will, then we could have a team in the next number of years in Miami, but there is still a lot of work to do on all those fronts."

Beckham has reportedly considered having the team play in FIU Stadium or Marlins Park, at least at the beginning. However, Garber's comments suggest that the team would like to eventually find its own permanent home. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez told the Miami Herald that the team would indeed want its own stadium somewhere in an urban environment, but stressed the plan is that the team would pay for it themselves.

Sounds like Beckham and Co. would need to lockdown that stadium before Garber heads "a couple hundred miles downstate" to make a similar announcement.

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Jackson Lainez
Jackson Lainez

If the support the teams currently have are an indication of turnout then it's probably not the smartest idea. With the exception of the Heat; Hurricanes, Dolphins, Panthers, FIU, & Marlins aren't exactly close to selling out. They should find some town where grazing Walmart is the highlight of the day in order to reduce playing for empty seats.

Rasta-Shadow Hendrieth
Rasta-Shadow Hendrieth

We need a soccer team anyway .Plus it makes since .You haters all you care about is Miami Heat and anything related to them.I think you haters really need to stop disrespecting this city,and grow up and get over this hating Lebron dick.


Listen I'm going to Miami soccer games.Haters always care about lebron and shit needs to stop.Now we deserve a soccer team.Shut up.Miami is going to do it big anyway.Pussies.

Ken Argüelles
Ken Argüelles


Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

The key word is "returning". Why did they leave in the first place?


Because they were actually in Lauderdale and Miami fans don't care about shit unless you win evert year.

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