Orlando Soccer Fans Boo Rick Scott Off Stage

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Well, the possibility of a rival team in Miami wasn't the only thing that had soccer fans in Orlando booing last night. Rick Scott showed up to the announcement of the new Orlando MLS team and was promptly booed off stage.

This is not the first time Scott has been booed by sports fans. Back in 2011 he attended the Tampa Bay Ray's home opener and was promptly booed by the stadium.

He also got booed when he threw out the first pitch at a Yankees spring training game.

Granted, sports fans do enjoy a good boo-ing, but maybe Scott should stop giving them a chance to boo him.

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Gabe Yunes
Gabe Yunes

If this asshole was a serial killer/rapist, he would hold the tittle as the one with creepiest face. The guy looks like a sexual sadist lol

Eddy Gugliotta
Eddy Gugliotta

Just wait until we have the New Miami team, run by no less than David Becham... we are going to boo your derriere here more than once.

Nestor Teran
Nestor Teran

Someone should just follow him around and boo him everywhere he goes

Damian Doss
Damian Doss

I heard it and watched it live LMAO.

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