Ricardo Fort, South Beach and Argentine Playboy, Dead at 45

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Ricardo Fort, a playboy and reality star who cruised South Beach with the likes of Pamela Anderson, is dead at age 45.

Fort had broken his femur in Miami not long ago. Doctors, though, said he died from a heart attack caused by a massive digestive hemorrhage, according to the Buenos Aires Herald.

Fort was a larger-than-life character who was heir to the Felfort chocolate fortune and father to 9-year-old twins. He was a friend to Miami notables such as Elaine Lancaster and owned two Rolls-Royces.

In his last days, videos of him in an Argentine hospital bed had circulated. He said he was depressed and contemplating suicide.

Geronimo De Francesco via wikimedia commons
Fort loved expensive things, including cars and Rolex watches, and had his own clothing line. In 2009 he used his own money to fund a reality show about his life.

He was also a TV star who was a judge on the Spanish-language version of Dancing With the Stars. And he had a show on America TeVe. He had been linked romantically to both men and women, including two prominent rugby stars.

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Waste of space. Good riddance! 


He was such a terrific soul & he will be missed by all who knew him. My heart goes out to those precious babies.....& his mother Marta.. REST IN PEACE Ricky.


@Mojo-Jojo You are a disgusting pathetic excuse for a human being.  I do not know you or this man who has died but I came across your comment and it makes me sick.  To talk about someone who has passed away and left behind loved ones, family, friends, children in such a way is not excusable.  You are clearly the waste of space you pathetic asshole.

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