Richard P. Dunn II Is Getting as Nasty as He Wants to Be

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Alex Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke has a few choice words about a Miami City Commission candidate.

Rev. Richard P. Dunn II is a desperate man. He thought he was going to cruise to an easy victory in his quest to become the city commissioner representing Miami's predominantly black district. Instead, Dunn is limping into a Nov. 19 run-off against assistant public defender Keon Hardemon, who got twice as many votes. Signs of Dunn's unraveling were evident in the last days of campaigning.

At the final debate held at Charles Hadley Park, Dunn packed the community center with thugs and goons who heckled Hardemon every time he spoke. When the debate was over, Dunn's son, who is also a pastor, wanted to fight with termed-out City Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones' husband.

On election day, I was at a polling precinct showing my support when a young lady handed me a campaign flyer disparaging Hardemon for associating with me. On one side was an altered image of the cover for 2 Live Crew's album "As Nasty As They Wanna Be," which shows us playing in the sand with four women in g-string bikinis standing in front of us. Well someone, obviously working for Dunn's campaign, superimposed the heads of Hardemon, his uncle and campaign guru Billy, and termed-out commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones over the bodies of my former group members.

The headline on the flyer read: "Keon Disrespects Women." The back of the flyer, which shows a photo of me holding a Hardemon campaign card, screams: "Women Haters!" and "Birds of a Feather..."

At first I was disturbed and felt a little bullied like Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin. My gut reaction was to confront Dunn, but I quickly realized the flyer proves he is going to lose. Making me a target will only backfire on the good pastor. Opportunistic preachers and politicians have been accusing me of being misogynistic since 2 Live Crew dropped their first album.

I love and respect all women, starting with my late mother and ending with my beautiful, strong-willed, intelligent wife. And the voters in Overtown, Brownsville, and Liberty City are well aware of the work I put in with children and teenagers in the inner-city.

It's just a shame that a man who calls himself a servant of God would stoop so low to win an election. Like the Good Book says, "you reap what you sow."

That's why Dunn is going to lose big next week.

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Waht difference does it make. Whoever wins will lead a motley crew of nwords down the

street singing WE SHALL OVERCOME "OUR - - SELVES."


frankd4 topcommenter

.................................DUNN is petty compared to REVs Jessie Jackson and al Sharpton

when will BLACK people see that their own leadership are corrupt and self-absorbed and worse use their own constituents as if they were stupid

not that this is any different within other cultures - it just seems BLACK people who know better are silent - as UNCLE LUKE is an example of here

once the BLACK majority stand up to these charlatans and clowns who hold BACK any possibly of advancement only then will real social CHANGE occur

now the only "change" is when one BLACK leader gets convicted for kick-backs and bribes and another "leader" takes his place

jessie jacksons son is a criminal so what does that tell you about rev Jackson

and as for Sharpton - two words................TAWANA BRAWLEY....nuf said


Didn't Fort Lauderdale try to make Luke's music a political issue like 25 years ago, took it to the Supreme Court and lost?  


Very sad that the best two candidates were bumped in the first round.   However, Dunn is a criminal/thief (including stealing from his own church!!!), so Hardemon is the choice.

dantevida topcommenter

do we need any more scamming, scheming hardemons fleecing taxpayers?  And Dunn who can't manage his own personal finances.  this following Spence-Jones I truly pity residents of that predominantly black district.

frankd4 topcommenter


southern florida conservatives also banned LADY CHATERLEY'S LOVER years ago until that was overturned

SANFORD has been red-neck central for over a hundred years long before Trayvon

UNCLE LUKE wasn't so radical as this area has been bible-thumping simple

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