Testimony: Megan Fox Joke Spurred Son's Killing of South Miami Commissioner Father

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Jason Beckman is currently on trial for the shocking 2009 murder of his father Jay Beckman, a South Miami commissioner. Testimony from one of a Beckman's fellow inmates provides a bizarre motive for the slaying. The younger Beckman apparently snapped after his father made a joke about actress Megan Fox.

According to the Miami Herald, Michael Nistal, a fellow inmate at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, testified that Beckman had confided in him what had led up to the shooting. He says that the younger Beckman had asked his father about the actress.

"His father told him he wouldn't know what to do with that," Nistal told jurors.

So that's when Beckman, then just 17 years old grabbed a shotgun and killed his father while he was showering in their South Miami home.

Though the Megan Fox crack may have been the final straw, prosecutors are building a case to show that Beckman had long thought about killing his father. They say he had talked openly about killing his father and had planned to use a shotgun to do so.

Beckman's defense team is expected to either argue that the shooting was the result of an accident, self-dense or possibly insanity.

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Laura Carolina Salado
Laura Carolina Salado

He is highly autistic and unfortunately the prison system in the US is used soley for punishment verses offer mental rehabilitation to some of these kids. We rank 1st in the world for incarcerated minors... but hey there is a ton of money to be made off prisons and their inmates!!!

Jeffrey Knight
Jeffrey Knight

If an innocent(?)joke about the boy's masculinity was the last straw, there must have been something very wrong with his psyche.

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