The Best Comedian Tweets on the Richie Incognito Scandal

The Richie Incognito scandal is in that weird place where we understand that it's pretty serious but also so over-the-top in some weird sports soap opera-style that sometimes you can't help but laugh. So with the help of Witstream, we rounded up the best tweets about the scandal from professional comedy types.

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frankd4 topcommenter


............................have any of these "tough" guys ever played in below-zero weather for a major championship - anyone here remember the ICE BOWL ?

these current players are ALL pampered wimps today when compared to those guys back in the day - there was no climate-controlled dome-covered stadiums protecting their precious tushies from the rugged real elements of exposure and frost-bite and hangovers

and no guaranteed contracts - they played hurt or else they got cut with compensation = period

Glenn Rice
Glenn Rice

Thought there was a lot more going on in the world that needed covering.

Brad Beaty
Brad Beaty

Still a better love story than twilight.

Orlando De Frias
Orlando De Frias

Those were the BEST comedian tweets? I'd love to see the worst.

D.j. Robert Patroni
D.j. Robert Patroni

there is never a good year to pick to follow the dolphins.....what the need to do is follow the dolphins after a successful year...

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