Tomas Regalado and Francis Suarez are Surprisingly Polite About Twitter Snark

So last night I was live blogging and tweeting up a storm about election results, but I sort of had a personal chip on my shoulder. See, I like voting, and, after having previously lived in Coral Gables, this was my first time casting a ballot in a City of Miami mayoral race. Except, as we all know, there was really only one legitimate choice. So, I threw some very light Twitter shade at Mayor Tomas Regalado and Francis Suarez, his would-be competitor who dropped out.

I woke up this morning to find responses from each and expected the worst. And it was the worst. They were both totally polite about it and made me feel like a classless jerk.

Killing me with kindness here.

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Kyle, don't you know that Regalado's daughter Raquelita is the one who does the tweets for Daddy, and Francis Suarez barred me from responding to his twitters during his ill-fated campaign when I pointed out that he wasn't doing his own tweeting.  If you're going to write about these Miami politicians, you better start reading my blog because if not these guys are going to play you for a sucker.

HarryTheHandyman topcommenter

@al004 Don't bother with this guy.  He's not a journalist, just a news aggregator and in charge of menial tasks.  Might want to reach out to some of the other, more qualified staff at the Miami New Times.

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