Two Homestead Brothers Accused of Double Murder After Naples Drug Deal Goes Bad

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Two Miami-Dade brothers are behind bars on $2 million bail after a botched drug deal left two young men dead in Naples. According to the Naples Daily News, Jacob and Nickolas Mislow allegedly shot Keegan Leon, 21, and Eric Riley Jr., 23, to death Saturday around 9:30 p.m. before taking off in a white pickup truck.

The two, who lived in Homestead, were later pulled over by police.

According to their Facebook pages, Jacob, 21, and Nickolas, 19, are gun-loving boys whose main hobby appears to be hunting.

Jacob's last public activity on his profile, posted in February, was sharing this pro-gun image:

Though it's unclear why the two were in Naples or what drug was involved, authorities believe some sort of transaction erupted into a fight during which the Mislow brothers opened fire.

The pair showed up in a Collier County courtroom, where they were officially charged with two counts of murder each and given a $2 million bond.

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